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Welcome to a land of fortune and havoc:

You found your way to a massive multiplayer online strategy game. Construct buildings, produce resources like lumber, stones, iron and gold, invent new military units and upgrade them in strength. Build up armies, form an alliance with your friends and attack your enemies to plunder their stores and capture their castles.
This game is based on modern web technologies such as PHP5, MySQL 4.1, dynamic HTML, ..
It runs in realtime and all you need to play it is a web browser.
And best of all: It is free of charge!


Making Castles and Forge cheaper - Mar, 28 2016, by Ricochet
Hi all,

Now that the production of resources only increases linearily with each level I am wondering if the castle and the forge should be a bit cheaper.

So far each level is 30% more expensive than the previous level.
I am thinking of reducing this to something between 27 and 28%.
The difference would be significant.

What do your think?

Discussions appreciated.


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